Welcome to Wee Scotland

Maria Pakura and wee Bobby in Greyfriar's where they first met the word Wee ©Pakura

Maria Pakura and wee Bobby in Greyfriar’s where they first met the word Wee ©Pakura

Wee is Scots for little. It’s one of my favourite words, and I frequently use it. I think I’ve seen it first when I went to Edinburgh seven years ago. There’s a funny Wee shoppe on Greyfriar’s Cemetery. I fell in love with the word at first glance and with Scotland with the first deep breath I took looking at Old Town in the sunset. That’s not the only reason but, why I decided for that word in the title of my new blog. Although it was pretty challenging and exhausting that I wrote daily for my SIR-Blog 100 days until Scotland decided in its Independence Referendum, I was absolutely sure that I don’t want to stop writing about Scotland after the first few weeks. So I created this blog which is dedicated to everything in relation to Scotland. And the Wee in the title can be read as We(e) as well. As very wise man said to me that I don’t only feel at home in Scotland, Scotland is my home as it’s a home for everyone who loves it. All people who are interested in this country are melting with it, becoming part of it, that’s why We are Scotland. And We(e) Scotland wants to be a platform and a source of information for all these people.

Different from my SIR-Blog, I won’t write daily posts here, and I won’t write much in German although English is not my mother tongue. You’ll find out more on the reasons when you click on What We(e) want above. Welcome here, and spread the word, please. I’m looking forward to a great time with Scotland lovers from all over the world. Write me if you wanna suggest topics or even write an own entry, I’m very open for that.

Cheers for now, Maria Pakura


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