Wee Overview

Welcome to Wee Scotland: Introducing this blog as a following one to my SIR-Blog and what’s the idea behind this all


Who’s the crackpot now: On Yes-movements in Scotland after the No-vote

Wary, scary, quite contrary: indyref aftermaths referring to the latest rumours and a petition to rerun the voting

Why a strong identity tells a lot about courage: What personal identity is based on and what it has to do with nationalism

All these good news: A slightly ironic view of gender equality, environmentalism, ugly ducklings and media boycott

What does independence mean for a woman: On a healthy feminism (not only) in Scotland

A new paper for more neutrality: Is The National the right mean against media bias?

Disillusionment is spreading: On stubborn Yessers, arrogant Noers and the need of compromises


If darkness was a drop…: Short story inspired by Scotland experiences

Halloween Special: The Abandoned Lady (American Gothic mood), Spirit of the Harvest (Samhain mood) and how I got the idea


Sweet Almond Muffins (gluten free)

Snowballs (gluten free)


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