What We(e) want

My SIR-Blog accompanied one of the biggest happenings in the Scottish history, the Scottish Independence Referendum, with a 100-days-countdown. Now that this is over and done with and Scotland said No, Scotland is not so much in the world’s focus anymore. Different with me, because I am really into Scotland and want to open every door to that gorgeous country to everyone who’s interested. If you wanna know who I am, click on Who We(e) are above.

The topics I’m going to cover here won’t have any limits. I will write on politics, developments, opinions, rumours, random details from and about the country. I will post recipes, poems, pictures. You will read funny stuff and serious comments. But it will always, always be about Scotland. This is a homage to Scotland, and the aim is showing every single facet that makes this beautiful country and its people so special and compelling.

I will write in English foremost, although I’m not a native speaker. The reason is that I got many followers who are located in English speaking countries when I blogged on SIR, and I hope and want that they will keep backing me and what I do. Probably I will write in German at times, if the topic is rather trivial from a local’s view but new or surprising for Germans, for example. If you are interested in becoming a Beta-reader and help me bringing my texts to perfection by proofreading them and advising me with better phrasing, English native speakers are welcome to contact me.

Thank you for being interested in Scotland, thank you for being part of We(e)!


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