Who We(e) are

Maria Pakura and Roxy ©Pakura

Maria Pakura and Roxy ©Pakura

We(e) are one – and the author is Maria Pakura. Keywords on my background and attitude:

fully educated journalist • German native speaker • communication scientist MA • graduated in psychology  • Scotland enthusiast (what a surprise…) • nonpolitical • nonaffiliated • freelancer=independent • professionally striving for objectivity and neutrality • quite ironic at times • dogs rescue supporter • feminist (not in a radical sense though) • Salsa and Zumba addict • into arts, music and theatre • movie freak • I believe in God, but not in churches

I will invite guest bloggers to write some entries as well. On top, I hope that every single reader of this blog will feel like being part of the We(e), so please feel free to comment and discuss much to make this site a dynamic home for everyone.

A legal note: I do not earn money with this site, but I follow the common journalistic standards when blogging here. I do research with meticulousness and care, but I am clearly not infallible. If you find any mistakes, I’m happy about a hint. All texts and photos on this site are, unless otherwise labelled, my intellectual property, protected by copyright and not meant to be used, quoted or published without my knowledge or my consent in any way in whole or even partial. I am not responsible for the contents of linked sites / third party contributions.


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